UMMOA grants Peru Most Favoured Nation status

The domain of the UMMOA Foreign Ministry website is listed below.

The UMMOA Foreign Ministry was developed recently, and is entirely independent of the Micronational Professional Registry Department of Diplomatic Affairs (MPR-DDA), and the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA). While the Micronational Professional Registry is not a governmental organisation, and exists mainly to foster the development of an independent Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth World economy, the UMMOA Foreign Ministry is a governmental organisation, and exists to manage and to forward the interests of the UMMOA in serious States and nations abroad.

The UMMOA Foreign Ministry recognises all States listed on its website unilaterally, except for the Republic of Cabinda, State with which the UMMOA has bilateral diplomatic relations.

It is important to understand that the UMMOA does not recognise all de facto States [1,2,3], or all de jure UN Member States. The UMMOA either recognises States which have publicly denied its territorial claims (the United States); States towards which the Governor has a natural relationship based on citizenship, desire for citizenship, or common interests (Italy, the Holy See, and the United Kingdom); States which have enacted anti-GMO laws, or which have otherwise as acted as Moral Agents on important issues (Peru, Hungary, and Norway); or States whose media have shown sympathy towards the UMMOA or its Governor, where the media is State-influenced in a particular way (Russia) — the UMMOA is unaware of any media source, even in purported ‘democratic’ countries, which does not bow down to the State in which it is incorporated in some way.

The UMMOA Foreign Ministry also recognises all nations listed on its website which have signed important Fourth (the Declaration of Washington) or Fifth World treaties (GPGPT, MOGPT, SDT, CTT, AATS) as the UMMOA, and/or which have an ongoing working relationship with the UMMOA, the UMMOA Governor, and/or any of the UMMOA’s national institutions.

Moreover, for the purpose of managing and forwarding the interests of the UMMOA primarily in Winnecomac or Long Island, the UMMOA recently constituted the Ryamecah federation of tribes.

On 2 April 2013, the UMMOA Foreign Ministry has unilaterally granted one State, the Republic of Peru, Most Favoured Nation status. Most Favoured Nation status means that the UMMOA will do anything ethical and within its means to favour the nation of Peru economically, or in other ways.

Originally the Cesidian Root (CRt) main website could be reached with the following domains:

Now the Cesidian Root (CRt) main website can also be reached with these domains as well:

Currently, the UMMOA manages and supports six different Peruvian domains, because of its Most Favoured Nation status. In practical terms, this means an additional 250 USD going annually to the Peruvian economy.

The UMMOA Foreign Ministry hopes to find other ways to support the nation of Peru economically.

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