New UMMOA government sites

The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) has recently developed several new government sites.

The UMMOA Foreign Ministry on its new website recognises all listed States unilaterally, except for the Republic of Cabinda. The UMMOA either recognises States which have publicly denied its territorial claims (the United States); States towards which the Governor has a natural relationship based on citizenship, desire for citizenship, or common interests (Italy, the Holy See, and the United Kingdom); States which have enacted anti-GMO laws, or which have otherwise as acted as Moral Agents on important issues (Peru, Hungary, and Norway); or States whose media have shown sympathy towards the UMMOA or its Governor, where the media is State-influenced (Russia).

The UMMOA Foreign Ministry recognises all listed nations which have signed important Fourth (the Declaration of Washington) or Fifth World treaties (GPGPT, MOGPT, SDT, CTT, AATS) as the UMMOA, and/or which have an ongoing working relationship with the UMMOA, the UMMOA Governor, and/or any of the UMMOA’s national institutions.

The UMMOA Foreign Ministry recognises all listed IGOs and NGOs which the UMMOA is a formal member of, or which recognise the UMMOA, or any of the UMMOA’s national institutions.

The UMMOA would like to congratulate all States, Nations, and Organisations that are listed at the new UMMOA Foreign Ministry website.

Please note that the UMMOA Foreign Ministry is entirely independent of the Micronational Professional Registry Department of Diplomatic Affairs and the Fifth World Accreditation Agency; UMMOA Professionals is entirely independent of the Micronational Professional Registry; and UMMOA Health & Nutrition is entirely independent of the Fifth World Health Organisation.

UMMOA Government Site

UMMOA on Planet Earth

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UMMOA Foreign Ministry

UMMOA Professionals

UMMOA Health & Nutrition

UMMOA Information

UMMOA Treasury


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Crash course about the UMMOA

As you may know, the UMMOA flag is already on display in Västerås, Sweden:

Rif Amazighsson has asked if he can display a little more culturally and politically about the UMMOA, in Västerås, Sweden.

He intends to continue the Nations without States (NwS), Rif International Movement, and Tenere Association sponsored display for another one or two weeks, and he is often there to explain what he can to the folks that ask questions.

I didn’t think the idea of adding more cultural and political information about the UMMOA for exhibition purposes was a bad one.

For this purpose, I created the PDF file below, whose A4 size pages are just right for print out in Sweden, and posting on the panels for display.

However, I did a little better job than I though was possible on the spur of the moment, over the weekend.

The PDF file below is also a crash course about the UMMOA, and it presents good information and images which may be useful to other Nations without States (NwS) representatives, in order to get a better idea about the unusual nation.

So I’m happy to please the crowd in Västerås, Sweden, but this display is also good for all interested parties:

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